November 2020 Update

In the last couple of months, Coins App grew immensely in the African market which led to scaling issues with our payment processors that led to important maintenance to make sure that the future was stable, safe and fast for our users in the future.

Furthermore, we made sure that it is possible for Coins App to scale and operate seamlessly with millions of users at the same time.

The Coins App team has been working tirelessly fixing these setbacks and optimizing the performance of the application to make the best user experience possible. 

Here are some of the key improvements we introduced with our latest Coins App updates: 

  • Added a new payment processor
  • Dark mode has been improved
  • App performance has been improved
  • Functional balance loading time
  • Other general app optimizations and bug fixes
  • Fixed iOS KYC submission
  • Added new push alert style
  • Added new realtime conversion rates
  • Fixed deposit crashes with Monnify
  • Optimized app startup speed
  • Fixed Bottom sheet not visible on transaction
  • Fixed home buttons going underneath the balance tab
  • Fixed Invalid biometric recognition keys on Huawei phones
  • Optimized app for the new iPhone 12 version

Thanks & enjoy #CoinsApp!