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Coins App is a Global Social Payments Application for the Dan Blockchain Ecosystem.

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Making Money Move.

Send money seamlessly

Send money to anyone as simple as sending a message.

Buy & Sell

Buy, Sell, Swap Multiple Currencies for Cash

Everything in one place

Add money to your wallet, convert it into other Currencies that you can store in your wallet or send to friends and family around the world.

Easy to use, no barrier of entry

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Download the app from the Google or Apple Store and install it within seconds.

Fund your account

Deposit currencies into your account within minutes. Our app guides you in several steps through the process.

Send money

Send money to anyone in the world who uses Coins App. With low fees and fast transfers you can exchange money with ease.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Send money person to person, country to country.

Simply said – to anyone, no matter where they are!

Connecting people across Borders

Stay connected with loved ones and make transfers, which arrive instantly in the Coins App wallet. Keep your money in your wallet or withdraw it in your local currency when and where you want.

All your currencies in one place

Send money person to person, country to country (Instantly, and at low-cost). Simply said – to anyone, no matter where they are!

Security guaranteed

Standalone Wallet

Biometric Login

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